We provide the following suite of veterinary services for your loved companion.

Preventive Care Services

Include vaccinations, heartworm prevention, internal parasite control, flea and tick control, dental care and cleaning, nutritional consultation, health exams, senior care programs and weight management programs.

Medical Examinations 

Annual health checks for pets are just as important as our visit to doctors. Pet health exams are conducted whenever we vaccinate a pet.


Spays and neutering (castrations) and a large variety of other soft tissue surgeries are offered. Bone and joint (orthopedic) surgeries including stabilizing knee with torn cruciate ligaments can be performed.

Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound

Both of this modalities are available and are extremely useful and helpful in reaching a diagnosis. Our digital x-ray machine is extremely accurate and efficient.

Laboratory Testing

Our team can have results for us within hours using our in-house laboratory. If you pet requires special test we will collect and send the appropriate samples to a well-recognized laboratory and usually we will receive results in 24 hours.

Full-Service Dentistry

We have a full-service dentistry suite which includes a dental x-ray machine, high speed drill, ultrasonic scaler and polisher. We understand that disease in your pet’s mouth causes pain and can lead to serious health problems such as kidney disease or heart disease. Talk to us about an oral health program for your pet.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Measuring and tracking blood pressure during anesthesia and during treatment of diseases such as kidney failure, thyroid disease and heart disease is extremely useful.


We have an extensive inventory of common medications that pets require. When more specialised medications are needed we will order them through different suppliers.

Pet Foods

We stock two well-recognised pet food lines “Hill’s Prescription Diets” and “Royal Canin Veterinary Diets”. Both companies supply diets for the different life stages, from young, adolescent, adult to senior cats and dogs as well as special diets for treating a variety of illnesses e.g. kidney disease, skin disease and joint disease.

Microchip Identification

Through a simple process of implanting a rice grain sized microchip under the skin, your pet will be identifiable by a unique number revealed by a scanner. All animal shelters and veterinary clinics should be equipped with a scanner to help identify any pets that may have become separated from their families. We will be happy to scan your pet if you want to check their microchip number.

Pain Management

We believe that no animal should be in pain therefore all of our patients undergoing surgery are administered pain medication pre and post operation. if necessary, we will also send pain medication home with your pet.

If you wish to find out more about our services and their prices, kindly give us a call and we will be happpy to assist  you.